Special tableware for Nikkei dishes

Special tableware for Nikkei dishes

Go thinking about special dishes for Nikkei food if you want to make a themed dinner this summer at home.

The delivery or take away is the first step to consolidate the trend of dinners with friends at home.

We will not stop going to bars, terraces and restaurants, but we have discovered that receiving and sharing our intimate space with friends has its charm, and we have also put the batteries in the kitchen.

Be it delivery, take away or a dinner prepared by ourselves, there is a food that is a trend and that undoubtedly looks much more in special tableware: we are talking about Nikkei cuisine: tatakis, tiraditos, ceviches, raw fish tartares, tempuras, ... a culinary style that unites ingredients and elaborations of Peruvian and Japanese food.

1.- Tuna or salmon tartar or tataki.

It's easy to do them at home; the tataki marinating the fish for a few hours with salt, sugar and spices. The tataki by lightly marking the fish on a griddle and dressing it with seaweed and sauces. Choose a crockery that contrast highlights the bright tone of a laminated salmon such as the smoke black dinnerware or one of the Riviera Green pieces such as your hydrangea appetizer plate .

dudson evo jet

2.- A fresh ceviche.

Ceviche is a fairly simple dish to prepare, you only need to marinate a very fresh fish (from corvina to squid or shellfish) in lime. After leaving it for a few hours in lime juice, salt, yellow pepper (or red chilli), coriander and red onion, we will obtain that special mixture of flavors and that broth called "tiger's milk". Sweet flavors such as pumpkin or corn are also added to the ceviche.

We imagine it planted in a tableware like Constellation whose bowl is really appropriate for a dish like this, or in the blue pieces of Ocean.

denby hallo speckle contellation bone and white

3.- Noodles sauteed with soy.

The wok has become fashionable and with it the dishes in which, whether with meat or fish, we sauté some noodles or Chinese noodles with a mixture of soy, honey and rice vinegar. Have you thought that they will not taste the same if you plate them beautifully and with the right dishes? Sandy seems like a good idea to us with her sandy tones and the circular rings that draw her profile.

sandy dudson vajilla

4.- Sushi.

Makes Sushi at home are big words, but recognize that you have asked more than once to enjoy it quietly at home without having to leave. Any of the specialty tableware we've seen so far is a good option. But we love Barro for its organic lines, its artisan air, and its terracotta edges that one can imagine perfectly sitting on the floor of a ryokan.

barro bone and white

barro bone and white

5.- Tempuras.

Tempuras are ideal for appetizers or drinks at home. Again, any of the above special Nikkei dishes would be adequate. However, we love this set of bowls from the Costa Nova and Nova tableware collection , either in white or in turquoise, or both combined, because they are collected and can be placed together so that everyone can choose the different varieties of tempura , of prawns or vegetables, and also to contain the soy sauce that usually accompanies them.

costa nova nova white

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