Plating at home; Enjoy the Delivery.

Plating at home; Enjoy the Delivery.

In times of delivery…. It's time to plate at home. After weeks of confinement, we have incorporated new customs and developed new habits when it comes to enjoying our favorite tapas or dishes.

We have discovered takeaway and delivery that, at least for a while, seem to have come to stay.

Our friendly bars and restaurants have gotten down to business and have begun to offer the possibility of consuming some of their most popular, or most demanded, elaborations in our home.

There is no doubt that they have done it thinking about those dishes that have the best possibility of traveling from the establishment to the home, selecting from their menu the most appropriate to be consumed in this way.

In the packaging field, they have taken care of the containers, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. And the shipping bags also have their aesthetics and the local stamp.

Once they have done their part is when it is our turn to plate at home. Because clearly his thing is to try to make the experience according to our expectations: enjoy the food as if we were in the restaurant itself.

Delivery Goxo

These are the most common scenarios:

1.- Our favorite tapas from the usual bar.

Croquettes, squid, some bravas or a tortilla skewer. Something simple but that we cannot, nor do we consider, to reproduce at home. Not because we are not able to prepare them ourselves but simply because it will not taste the same.

That spicy sauce whose formula we cannot imitate or that potato omelette that is unlike any other that we have ever tried, or simply the pleasure of being prepared leads us to ask for these simple things but that give us happiness, drives us to consume delivery.

Are you going to chop directly from the thermal tray? We do not advise it. And if you do, try the next plating at home and you will notice the big difference! We help you!

For croquettes, squid or bravas, choose a stylish bowl like the Organic by Natural Brown , or one of the Sea Creatures pieces by Bone and White.

Bowl Harvest Natural Dudson

bol cuencos costa nova

2.- Dishes and portions of our favorite restaurant.

If we see it important to plate our order from the usual bar or tavern at home, it is essential to do so when it comes to first and second courses that we order from that friendly restaurant that we have been to so many times.

Plato Ocean Bone and White

vajilla porcelana francesa Pillivuyt teak

3.- The Michelin star at home.

Michelin stars such as DiverXO with GOxo, Rodrigo de la Calle with his new brand “Verdelivery”, Punto MX, or Quique Dacosta with QDelivery, for their restaurants without a star but with their label, have also signed up for this system.

For our part in these cases we should take even more seriously the "plating at home". Put a complete and beautiful table. Take out a special tableware, glasses and modern glasses to bring home the most satisfactory experience possible and be at the level of the dishes that we are going to taste.

We like the idea of combining dinnerware like Carrara with Sea and Sand and incorporating elegant cutlery like Cutipol Goa Gold , which Quique Dacosta fans will recognize right away.

It is not conceivable to take some starters with a certain elaboration and a main one in its disposable container, no matter how careful the packaging is. We are not in the office with the tupper; We are at home and we have the resources to prepare food in a more palatable way, so his thing is to do it and thus enjoy our menu at home to the fullest.

If we have commissioned it thinking about receiving people, of course we have to think about beautiful plating. This is what we have done with the Ocean plate and the Teak plate, which is its dessert size and are ideal for starters.

Although there is no doubt that it would be ideal for our tableware to also adapt to the style of the restaurant in question so that if we are facing a more ethical place we have resources to reproduce that same atmosphere at home by plating in pieces more adapted to that style that can also be used. be very combinable on other occasions and dinners with friends.

vajilla carrara vista alegre

The list of restaurants that have begun to deliver is long and projects to “Cuatromanos” arise such as that of Paco Roncero and Ramón Freixa, who in collaboration with Uber Eats have launched on May 14 a menu of creative and iconic snacks from these chefs bi starred.

A trick to finish: If you find it difficult to plate the desserts that are usually delivered to us in a jar or container already assembled, a good solution may be to place it on an original or modern plate such as the Granite dessert that will give it that point you need to feel like in a restaurant in your own home.

vajilla concrete Dudson

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