Modern dishes for pasta and risottos

Modern dishes for pasta and risottos
It's finally easy to find modern pasta and risotto dishes like this one from the Sea and Sand collection or the one from Marble from Bone and White. And it is that, both the pasta or the famous risotto, present in practically any menu of a gastrobar, require a dish that allows you to eat comfortably and this was not a piece that was found in the usual dishes.
Indeed, now there are modern tableware with beautiful designs that include a deep plate, or a bowl, designed to ideally serve any pasta recipe and delicious risottos.

For the pasta:

We need a dish deep enough that also collects the sauce, grated cheese and aromatic herbs well; such as rosemary or basil that are often used to decorate the preparation. The pasta is preferably plated in a pyramidal shape, with a greater quantity at the base, until many culminate in a "topping" or accompaniment at the top.

For this, the ideal is to have a plate that more naturally contains rolled spaghetti and that also helps us to ensure that, at mealtime, the content does not spill out or come out.

plato hondo de pasta marble

In colored tableware we love Pillivuyt porcelain blue. The Teak model with its raised waves draws textures that further embellish a pasta dish. If it is also white pasta or gnocchi, the combination with this light blue tone is really beautiful.

Vajilla porcelana Teak Pillivuyt

Do not forget to bring a special source to the table to serve the pasta from the center, unless you want to plate it in the kitchen.

The model from the Carrara collection is very original with its circular shape and geometric designs. Original tableware like this are what make the difference on a table. It will go well with white or black pieces and with any style; from the most classic tableware to modern tableware.

Ensaladera grande Vista Alegre Carrara

For the risotto:

Risotto is a pretty filling dish. You can always put a small amount on your dinnerware by carefully placing it right in the center and garnished with a few slices of Parmesan.

But undoubtedly a risotto looks more appetizing in a pasta dish like the previous ones or, failing that, in an appropriate bowl for a small portion. We like the Nova White square bowl; elegant and timeless, or the one in the Blue Edge collection with its blue edge and retro flair.

Boles Costa Nova

Due to its shape and size, that of the Barro collection is also appropriate for a risotto; with the classic mushroom it will combine perfectly in the tones. A bowl that also fits very well for pasta dishes.

Equally suitable and very functional is Natural Brown, also in cream and brown tones.

Both collections are modern tableware, original tableware, which in addition to improving your experience at the table when it comes to tasting your favorite dishes, will surely surprise your family and friends.

plato hondo bol Haverst Natural Dudson

Bol ASA Selection Caja

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