Rustic tableware for hotels and mountain restaurants

Rustic tableware for hotels and mountain restaurants

There are beautiful rustic tableware for mountain hotels; accommodations that are now more appealing than ever because they are more compatible with the peculiar summer season that we are going to experience. A summer different from the usual ones, but perhaps not so different from "the old ones".

Establishments such as rural houses, or small charming hotels in the middle of nature, are prepared to welcome guests who are willing to rest in quiet surroundings, away from the city, with few rooms and large areas to walk and enjoy the outdoors ... that air that seems to have been missing a few weeks ago.

Here are some ideal tableware to dress rustic wood tables, or wrought iron, or to sit in kitchen cabinets with antique marble countertops.

Perhaps among them you will find inspiration to renew some elements of that house that you have, in town or in the mountains, to which you may want to give a new look. That house that is now presented as the ideal option for summer vacations.

1.- Teak White Collection tableware.

Teak Dinnerware has a special charm with its design inspired by the cross section of a tree trunk. Its organic shape makes it a perfect complement to a dining room with views of the valleys and mountains.

Its rustic appearance does not detract from it an iota of elegance; We are talking about a china made by hand in France in one of the oldest porcelain factories in Pillivuyt.

vajilla porcelana estilo rústico

2.- Barro Collection tableware.

The rural environment reminds us of the pieces of clay, for its authenticity, its natural character and its earth tones. This collection has a beautiful design that will fit perfectly in mountain hotels or small country houses. Its rough terracotta edge gives it a warm and special touch. The central part of the bowls and plates has an off-white, matte finish with fine stippling.

A tableware that conveys a feeling of home and a return to the traditional, while at the same time being very modern.

vajilla diseño original artesano

3.- Marble Collection tableware.

Our Marble dinnerware, exclusive to Bone and White, is an all-terrain dinnerware that will fit perfectly in a country and rural setting.

The color white and porcelain is something that always fits well in any environment and situation. The veins that appear gently drawn on its surface make it an absolute trend tableware for mountain hotels that want to add a contemporary touch to their environment and decoration.

vajilla rustica montaña

4.- Natural Brown Collection tableware.

It is one of our favorite dishes to decorate a house in the country or in the mountains. This collection of fine vitrified stoneware is inspired by the British countryside, recalling the Costswolds where London merchants and financiers used to go for weekend getaways.

It is characterized by its brown edge as an irregular brushstroke that is perfectly appreciated in the bowl that is wider than usual. It has been manufactured by ceramic artisans since 1800.

The bread plate is perfect in combination with an amber glass to serve coffee or breakfast.

Harvest Natural Dudson vajilla

5.- Blue Edge Collection tableware.

The simplicity and naturalness of Blue Edge tableware make it very appropriate to dress a table in a rural setting. Its blue rim is reminiscent of pewter china in kitchens of yesteryear. A tableware full of light and very modern, which in combination with rustic-style cutlery with wooden handles, make up a perfect look for accommodations located in the middle of nature and mountain hotels.

vajilla Beja Costa nova

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