Blue tableware with tile motifs; trend in tableware for 2020.

Blue tableware with tile motifs; trend in tableware for 2020.

Blue tableware with tile motifs will be a trend in 2020. We are already beginning to see them, in their “low-cost” version, in some well-known chains replicating the most reputable brands. They have not hesitated to join the "tile fashion" that architects and interior designers also follow when designing new restaurants.

The most “in” coverings are tiles made by hand by small local artisans, ideal for giving personality to the establishment. The colors that are worn range from peach to blue in its different shades.

Pantone has chosen classic blue and Provence blue for 2020. Bone and White, always in search of current and quality designs, presents its Indigo collection that both in its Tile model, which means tile, and in its other option Pure, are an ideal option to dress a table to the last.

vajilla Indigo azulejos azules

Vajillas Indigo azul

Indigo means “from India”, and it is that in Jodpur, which is in the Thar desert, is known as the blue city, a beautiful place with temples, palaces and houses painted the exact color of this precious china, whose intensity changes on each plate.

A high quality stoneware tableware made in Germany of great quality and resistance.

Another good option, thinking about blue tableware with tile motifs, is the Mosaic collection by Dudson , inspired by the manual art of creating drawings with small pieces of ceramic, mosaics.

This tableware is made in England through an artisan process dating back to 1800. A true jewel at hand, which is an ideal proposal for this season.

vajilla Dudson Azul Terrazo

Costa Nova, for its part, has designed the Lisbon Collection inspired by the Portuguese white and blue tiles of the 18th and 19th centuries. A tableware that falls in love at first sight due to the richness of its pattern.

If this is what you are looking for for your home or for your restaurant, let us know and we will make sure you have it. The pieces from this house in Portugal, for their quality and their beautiful designs, are part of the Bone and White selections.

vajilla Lisboa Costa Nova

Take good note of these keys:

  • Color blue.
  • Tile designs.
  • Quality and authenticity.

Avoid parts of dubious quality, more fragile, less durable and ultimately more expensive. Opt for any of these blue tableware with tile motifs and triumph at your lunches and dinners with an irresistibly delicious and on trend table.

vajilla azulejo azul Indigo

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