Jugs of water, the great forgotten ones on the table

Jugs of water, the great forgotten ones on the table

The jugs of water are making a strong comeback, linked to the fashion for healthy drinks such as water infused with fruits, vegetables or aromatic herbs served cold.

A tasty way to hydrate, with more attractions and attractions than the simple and nondescript plastic bottle.

Detox diets have promoted the fashion for flavored waters that are a great ally in hot weather, and an easier way to reach the goal of two liters a day when, on the contrary, we are not particularly thirsty.

The water jugs are also a complement that distinguishes a complete table, a well set table; Even when it comes to elegant water jugs or modern water jugs with current designs it can be admitted that they are present on the table.

Indeed, bottles of wine and other drinks are always better on an accessory table so as not to allow the view of the diners. They are an obstacle, especially if they accumulate.

On the contrary, the pretty water jugs can stay on the tablecloth, go from here to there, to one side and another of the table as required. Matching the glasses, they add personality and character to a meal or dinner with family or friends.

jarra ivv speedy

Modern water jugs.

The Pikes model, made in Italy by glass craftsmen, is a modern classic thanks to its retro flair. Its name is derived from the peaks in the texture of the glass that is its main characteristic. In combination with the colored glasses from the same collection they form an ideal set to give to a young couple, or to renovate a house giving it a fresh and designer air.

Jarra Provenzale Zafferano

Classic water jugs.

They are a basic and always a success since we can combine them with glasses of the same style or with other more modern ones. The transparent version of the Romantic collection is our favorite. Again a success as a gift; its embossed motifs make it very pleasant to the touch and make it a piece with great personality. This model also has matching glasses in fun colors.

jarra sixties ivv

Original water jugs.

For those looking for a different water jug, the Textures jugs is the ideal jug. Its compact and elongated shape, with six parts that reproduce six different textures, make it truly unique.

The Textures collection is inspired by the geometric shapes that were all the rage in the sixties. In its smoke gray version it is really beautiful; a piece that can be placed in a prominent place in the living room or dining room even for the sole purpose of decoration.

Finally, we present the Industrial bottle. Also made in Italy by hand, its design imitates traditional plastic bottles (which we must avoid so much!). It has a very comfortable shape and a young and modern design. The combination of glasses and jug / bottle is always a success for any special gift.

jarra industrial IVV

As a "tip" he also uses the water jugs to place fresh flowers, they are a perfect option to make them look good at home. Do not store them in a closet as if they were a kitchen utensil, get the most out of them!

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