5 Restaurants for a getaway to San Sebastián

5 Restaurants for a getaway to San Sebastián

Having 5 restaurants selected for a getaway to San Sebastian is to ensure a well-spent stay in one of the gastronomic destinations par excellence in our country.

With the boom in tourism from March until well into October in this beautiful northern city, it is necessary to have a reservation, made well in advance, in places that stand out for their quality, uniqueness, location and other factors that make them very attractive and in demand.

We have followed several criteria to select these five essential restaurants for a trip to San Sebastián, to satisfy different types of demands depending on the circumstances and preferences of the traveler.

RECONDO. Elegant and traditional .

Located at the edge of Mount Igueldo, this traditional restaurant is one of the most chic in the city. The quality of its product, its exclusive winery (one of the best private collections in the country), its service and the influx of posh people and the occasional celebrity make it a highly demanded venue. The elaborations are presented both in classic dishes and in more modern tableware like this one in which they mix black , very fashionable, with glass . Average ticket price: € 90.

restaurante recondo san sebastian

GALLERY. Romantic and sophisticated.

You have just received your first Repsol sun. In front of it, a young couple passionate about cuisine and signature wines. Its proposals are daring and very elaborate, especially its precious plating in   modern tableware   and sophisticated design. The trout skewer to start with (pictured) is one of their hits. Average ticket price: € 60.

restaurante galera san sebastian

restaurante galera san sebastian

TOPA. The most hooligan and original.

Behind Topa is the renowned chef Andoni Luis Aduriz. Topa aims to be a mix between Basque cuisine and Latin cuisine. A place with a very original decoration, a young and carefree atmosphere in the new trendy area of the city, the “Gros” neighborhood. Each plate is different and designed to harmoniously accompany each recipe. Average Ticket Price € 35.

restaurante topa san sebastian

restaurante topa

KATA4: The gastrobar.

Next to the iconic hotel of the stars of the “María Cristina” Film Festival, this “Oyster bar” where you can taste portions or units of oysters from neighboring France, offers indigenous cuisine with an avant-garde twist on individual dishes or to share ; The txangurro with touches of guacamole or green rice is exquisite. Average ticket price: € 30/40.

ASTELENA Gastroleku: In an emblematic place.

Located in the beautiful Plaza de la Constitución, it is ideal to eat on its lively terrace, even with children, because of the space they have to play in full view of the parents, and because on its menu there are more conventional rations and dishes alongside with delicacies for adults such as "tuna and foie dice" (in the image). Its dishes are very careful, using black tones and bowls in many of its presentations. Average ticket price: € 30

With this last recommendation we complete our list of 5 restaurants for a getaway to San Sebastián. Enjoy your meal!

Restaurante Astelena San sebastian

restaurante astelena san sebastian

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