Mosaic Green tableware: patience and hope

Mosaic Green tableware: patience and hope

The special tableware, such as the Mosaic Green Tableware, have behind them in their design and creation process, a story or a reason why they have been made in that way and not in another, with that texture and not with another.

These are times when patience and hope have become rising values. A virtue and an attitude more necessary now than ever to overcome and overcome this unprecedented situation and in which each of us has our own circumstances that may or may not make it even more complicated.

I was preparing an order this morning, specifically for Mosaic Green, and I was thinking of just that quality of patience, tenacity and discipline that this ancient art of mosaic-making dating back to Roman times required.

Vajilla Dudson Terrazo / Mosaico

Surfaces of different sizes, some monumental, made from infinite small pieces. And that art that inspired the creation of this tableware seemed like a hint, a key…. Be patient, work hard, keep building.

Involuntarily, the green of that Mosaic Green deep plate, which I had in my hands, had also made me notice the cliché of the color of hope: Green.

We are meditating more than ever, thinking more than ever, living with more intensity than ever, and everyday things take center stage. We see where we never repaired before, what was invisible or went unnoticed.

Like that message that had been presented to me in an intangible way, as something unheard of and unreal: work and trust.

vajillas dudson para restauración verde Mosaico Terrazo

This anecdote, lived one day at work in truly exceptional conditions, joins the reality of verifying that there are many of you who continue to maintain the illusion of dressing a table, as I imagine you continue to dress and fix yourself at home.

They say that we have gone from worrying about stockpiling basic necessities to taking care of "feeding" small illusions for day to day cloistered.

That the purchases of special details have suddenly appeared as new habits to which this confinement has led us ...

We have come to realize that the little things, the little pleasures, matter now more than ever and that they take unusual forms…. like a tray of local cheeses, the printing of a family photo album or a tablecloth for the terrace…. overlooking the street!

vajilla dudson mosaico grey

I think from today on I am going to take a different look at our Mosaic tableware. I also believe that I will celebrate our first meal with friends sitting together at the same table , with this tableware of hope and patience: Mosaic Green.

A tableware made by hand in England in which each dish is unique and different from the others. Small details that perhaps before we did not value in the same way.

vajilla dudson terrazo verde

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