Coffees and teas to dream

Coffees and teas to dream

Coffees and teas have been part of a whole ritual on specific occasions of the day for some time. Stopping for a moment and pausing in our activity makes the moment of coffee or tea for many a ceremony where not only the specialty, type or origin of the infusion matters, but also the place chosen to make it and why of course the crockery.

We like to set up beautiful tables and of course, also at tea time or at coffee time. And this despite the fact that for many it is a routine that is enjoyed alone. And that is important because we dress the table for our guests but above all we have to do it for ourselves.

These are the coffee and tea sets that we have selected so that you can choose the one you like the most, and if the crush arises you can ask us and we will make them available to you so that you can enjoy them at home.

We search and select special pieces for you.

1.- Succession de Revol Collection.

For the most daring.

This porcelain cup for coffees or teas is extremely original. It is designed by the Färg & Banche studio. It seems to have been tied with a rope in its creation process, giving the feeling of having left its mark on the surface creating an unprecedented texture.

Revol porcelana Succession

2.- Sepia de Kinto Collection.

For the nostalgic.

The Sepia design evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort at the same time. The smooth contour shape and the wide square handle allow it to be held firmly and comfortably. A delicate piece for its beauty but at the same time strong and very resistant, ideal for both teas and coffees.

Sepia Kinto Japan

3.- Beja de Costa Nova Collection.

For the more traditional

The blue edge and pure white of this mug ideal for the first coffee in the morning, reminds us of those simple tableware of our grandmothers. This collection represents a modern take on pewter cups and plates; a porcelain enamel that arises in the s. XVII in Germany as a solution to coat kitchen utensils made of copper and avoid metallic taste in food.

Beja Costa Nova

4.- Pekoë de Revol Collection.

For the most Zen.

The Pekoë teapot is the most representative piece of this collection designed by Lucas Frank. A collection inspired by traditional Japanese shapes for a tea set compatible with current Nordic decorations. The bamboo handle of this piece also makes it especially beautiful. An ideal set to enjoy alone or to surprise our friends.

Tetera Pekoe Revol

5.- Piuma from Ichendorf Milano.

For minimalists.

Designed by Marco Sironi for Ichendorf, this beautiful tea set combines traditional hand-blown glass techniques with a clean, modern aesthetic. Its name, which means feather in Italian, alludes to the light and subtle character of this collection. The little jug of milk is a real treat!

Piuma Ichendorf Milano

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