5 ideal gifts to enjoy at the table

5 ideal gifts to enjoy at the table

We propose 5 ideal gifts to enjoy at the table.

At this time of year, occasions such as next Sunday, Mother's Day, begin to arise when we need inspiration and good ideas to have a detail that makes us feel satisfied with the choice.

Above all, giving should be an act that represents an enjoyment in itself as well as a joy for those who receive the present. There are those who have a special talent, get it right easily and get the satisfaction that this implies. But most of us appreciate tips and ideas to find the perfect gift and more when time runs against us.

If there is a mistake we always make, it is to leave things for last. For that we bring you these 5 ideal gifts among which you will surely find what you are looking for if the person you are giving to knows how to appreciate and enjoy a pleasant table.

1.- Riviera Green leaf font.

Beautiful flat green leaf-shaped font from the Riviera Green collection. Ideal as a central dish to serve main dishes or even small appetizers. Its unique embossed texture stands out. It will fit equally well with a classic style as forming a mix in a more current decoration. It is one of our favorite fonts and has become an ideal piece as a gift! It is priced at € 35 and the size is 40x17cm.

Fuente llana Riviera Green Costa Nova

2.- The Celadon servers of Cutipol Goa.

A few servers are always a hit. In fact, it doesn't hurt if one has a different style of servers for different situations. This Cutipol Goa model is in any case very versatile because it combines the innate elegance of this collection with the freshness of its unique and special green tone. Celadon green is a pale, ash green, that of the most elegant Chinese porcelain. A super current color and a sure hit. Its price € 47.

Servidores ensalada Goa Celadon

Cubiertos Cutipol Goa Celadon

3.- Some glasses of vintage air.

Like the Textures olive Green model with its raised textures inspired by the geometric shapes of the seventies. These glasses add a modern and very personal air to any table. Made from hand blown glass by Italian glass masters they make a wonderful gift. They can be combined with its transparent version that brings together different reliefs in each piece. Its price 57 the set of six.

vasos de diseño para regalar

4.- Melon bowls for healthy breakfasts.

Breakfasts are not the same as before. Fruits, seeds and yogurt, come to replace coffee with cookies of a lifetime. We have become healthier and you have to equip yourself!

We find them in two sizes. They are inspired by fruit

The bowls from the Melon collection are especially suitable for new breakfasts. Its price € 18.60. Their game can be completed with a plate.

bordallo pinheiro melon

bordallo pinheiro melon bowl y plato

5.- The set of pasta dishes from the Marble Collection.

A good deep dish to serve pasta, ramen, spiced legumes, complete salads; With seeds or cereals like quinoa, it is a perfect idea. The current spoon dishes require a depth and shape that make them comfortable and suitable for their new use.

The exclusive Marble Collection from Bone and White has that plate you are looking for. One of those ideal gifts to enjoy at the table. Its price € 11.90.

plato hondo moderno diseño marmol bone and white

vajilla moderna diseño marmol bone and white

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