Modern and original glasses. Essential in your home.

Modern and original glasses. Essential in your home.

Modern and original glasses, special cutlery, a tablecloth that reaches the floor…. Some of these ingredients should not be missing in a charming table.

Glasses add elegance and are essential for wines but more and more, even in the best restaurants, are used special glasses, colored glasses, with textures and designs that add a point of freshness and charm to the whole.

A beautiful glass can be a great ally in your cupboard. Here are a few ideas:

vasos sixties textures ivv

1.- For a special table.

Choose a glass that you can use in different situations with your guests. The Textures model in olive green can be the perfect glass to serve water in a snack or to show off at a dinner or informal meal in the garden or on the terrace.

In another context it can become a delicate and super elegant piece; the previous model in transparent color is a success for more formal tables. The pack with six different designs that can be placed so that each person corresponds to a different glass is interesting.

The combination of the two colors, green and transparent, is a good idea. Their high durability, on the other hand, make them suitable for daily use and the dishwasher. No more cleaning the specialty crystal glasses by hand.


2.- A coffee or a chocolate.

It tastes best in a glass with a certain vintage flair like the Pikes in amber. A return to the past, to the 60s and 70s. This shade is reminiscent of the famous Duralex glass in which you had breakfast every day. Eternal vessels that never broke.

Due to its great resistance and quality, the Pikes collection is a kind of current version of those glasses of yesteryear. You will surely want to have them in view instead of inside the closet. Their retro air makes them look splendid on a tray anywhere.

Also look for them in colors if you like the more pop style. You have them in green, pink, navy, turquoise and purple. The glass is not painted so the color will not be altered by frequent use ... you will always want to use them!

speedy amabar pikes ivv

4.- Eat off the plate.

Salads, cold creams, diced tuna or salmon, even croquettes!… The possibilities are many. For a standing aperitif the glass is very practical because the food is safe from falling or spilling as easily as it can on a toast or flat container.

The fun and bright colors of the Romantic collection make them perfect for a celebration or a small party with friends. They are made in Italy by glass artisans.

vasos romantic provenzale zafferano 3.- The pleasure of drinking yogurt in a glass.

Surely you are already imagining the clink of the spoon against the glass and you know what I am talking about. Try from now on to drink the yogurt in a glass. You can also use the large yogurt containers, the half-liter ones, and put the amount you want.

Add red berries and you will have a very healthy snack. If you try it, it will soon become a habit… .. as well as a great pleasure.

vaso sixties ivv textures

5.- Just drink water!

Whenever possible to do it in original and modern glasses, it is a greater incentive than in a plastic bottle. The Costa Nova Aqua Colors collection is made up of pieces of different shades; blue, green and ash color and its capacity of 380 ml very appropriate so that with 3 a day we have already passed the goal of ... at least one liter of water.

Their design and irregularities make them very special so they are also perfect to offer a refreshment to our visitors.

Can you think of any more ideas?

vasos agua costa nova

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