Meeting Carmen Osorio: I'm not a Drama Mom

Meeting Carmen Osorio: I'm not a Drama Mom

Carmen Osorio is behind one of the most successful accounts in the community of young mothers on Instagram: nosoyunadramama . She is a mother of five; four on earth and one in heaven. Their oldest is nine and they are descending in age until they reach Aurora, their “rainbow baby”, who is already one year old and who is now the sauce and the joy of the house, also in days of confinement.

The success of this 36-year-old Asturian lies in her great empathy, her joy, her overflowing optimism and energy, her ability to see the good side of life and her way of telling it, so truthful and close.

And it is that Carmen's followers see in her much more than an account in which to learn about the day-to-day life of a young and modern mother, because they find… a friend.

No soy una dramama

1.- In these days of confinement, the ability to adapt, to know how to fit things in when they are twisted, is essential to move forward as it is also for everything in life. You have a recognized ability to see the bright side of life. Where does that positive character come from? Is it born or made?

I can't tell you if one is born or becomes optimistic. I have always been, so I don't know if it has been as a result of learning, if my environment at home has given me, or is it something innate. But I am clear that in life unwanted things are always going to come, or not as we wanted, that is inevitable. When you assume that these things are going to come, they are going to happen, the healthiest attitude to the bad is to accept and move on and when the good comes…. Enjoy it to the fullest!

2.- Large family, a lot of time with the children at home these days; 4 boys and a whirlwind of girl, who is the life of the party and has the battery fully charged. What is the key to getting the situation under control and not losing your temper?

Children must be clear that they must fulfill their obligations; some homework, homework, but I think it's important to be flexible.

The quarantine has caught us in the middle of the transfer to a new house in which we would have settled these days. So we are spending it in my parents' house, which luckily has a garden where the children play.

If this had caught me a month ago in the apartment where we lived, I would not have hesitated to take one of the rooms and adapt it to these circumstances.

My children do a lot of sports, they play a lot of soccer and they burn a lot of energy. Leaving them without that would have been complex, so putting furniture aside and organizing the space, I would have let them play ball in a room. Something unthinkable in another situation.

It is clear that you have to maintain some routines but you have to have greater flexibility than we had before.

Carmen Osorio

3.- These weeks it seems that we have all gone crazy with cooking. Social networks are witness to this phenomenon. Do you cook at home? Do you dare to do it all together as a family?

The truth is that we do not like to cook at home (laughs) We cook because we have to eat, most of the time I do it, other times my husband, but we still haven't seen each other cooking together, far from it.

These days I am very lucky that my parents cook; my father or my mother. It is a great help to me since in the mornings all the children are at home and having to attend to the older ones, with their homework or their games and the little one who goes at a different pace, I hardly have time left.

4.- What would be your ideal table?

It's complicated. There can be very different circumstances that make us enjoy very appetizing tables; dinner with your partner, picnic with children, table with guests at home…. It's hard to choose.

What is clear is that right now my life revolves around the table as a family all together! That is also a nice table.

5.- What are you looking for when choosing a tableware?

I am a classic person for almost everything. Many people associate the classic with the ornate but that is not my case; I am classic but simple.

It happens to me with everything, even when it comes to choosing the names of my children, their clothes or mine. With the dishes the same, I like the classic line but without too many ornaments. I like the simple, the simple.

carmen osorio no soy una dramama

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