The Christmas cup... Ideas and tips!

The Christmas cup... Ideas and tips!

The Christmas drink is just around the corner, starting tomorrow the lights will shine on the streets of Madrid. The ban is open for the many celebrations, company dinners and friends' meetings to wish each other the best for next year.

Are you one of those who organize a drink at home? If it is not your first time, surely you already have original tableware, designer glasses and modern cutlery. If you start as a host, these ideas and tips to stay up-to-date will come in handy.

First of all:

  • Welcome . Plan an area to store coats so that they are not piled up on a couch or somewhere in the hall. The ideal is a bedroom near the room where the drink will be given.
  • Save space . Remove the chairs and make everything revolve around a table where the drinks and something frugal to accompany them are served. You can leave some in a specific place in case someone wants to sit down.
  • Decorate with candles . If the candles give a warm, cozy and even festive touch, this time they cannot be missing. Put them everywhere and of course create a nice center; For this you can use gold-colored glasses or an elegant bowl that can contain them, alternate them with pine branches. These ideas give an informal table great personality and elegance.

recipientes para velas con bowls y vasos originales

  • Music Have your favorite playlist located and that it is according to the date. Do not improvise and do not worry throughout the meeting knowing that this issue is already resolved. In the Christmas glasses people are usually standing, and in those cases a suitable musical background accompanies and generates the perfect atmosphere.
The Christmas Cup
  • The ideal cup. We can celebrate our meeting with cava or champagne, but it can also be toasted with a good wine. In the first case, we will think of a preferably tall and narrow flute-type glass or even better, a tulip type, the ideal glass to serve champagne so that it remains well in carbonic and the aromas can be well appreciated. But since vintage is in fashion, there is nothing wrong with welcoming guests with a pompadur glass, a low and very open glass.
  • The designer glasses for water. At some point it is possible that someone is thirsty but does not want to continue drinking alcohol. Or it may even be that a guest has just one drink to toast and chooses to follow the evening with water. It is important to have a beautiful jug and some quality colored glasses. Designer glasses, modern glasses ... have the same packaging as a glass, although it does not contain more than water, they are glasses that dress, glasses with category.
vasos originales bone and white
  • Light pecking. Everyone expects the glass to be accompanied by a light snack. It is always a good resource to think of cheeses combined with fruit such as grapes, pomegranate, dried apricots ... A few tacos of marinated salmon sprinkled with pieces of mango is an exquisite starter and easy to present in salad bowls such as Sea Creatures .
recipientes aperitivo bone and white
  • Breads and toasts. The appetizers need to be accompanied with some bread and in this case we can also show off and offer a variety of toasts, sticks and small toasted breads. As they are not regular breads, it is not necessary to assemble a bread basket. They can be presented in a bowl or salad bowl like the one with green leaves in the image above, which is deep enough to contain them.
  • Christmas sweets . Some Christmas sweets are also welcome. You can offer some dessert dishes with a certain style such as those from Sea and Sand so that everyone can serve themselves to their liking a little of everything and present in pieces that have been created for another use, such as the salad bowl from the Carrara Collection or the Sea Creatures clam shell bowl.

    cubiertos tribeca dorados

    vajilla aperitivos bone and white

    Having original tableware and designer dishes is a plus point that will make our evening something more special. The mix, creativity and surprise factor will surely leave an excellent memory of our Christmas glass at home.

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