Cutipol cutlery, make a difference in your restaurant.

Cutipol cutlery, make a difference in your restaurant.

Crockery, glassware, textiles and of course cutlery are part of what makes the difference in your restaurant. Cutipol Goa cutlery are special cutlery that will not leave the diner indifferent. Today we tell you a little more about them!

We can see Cutipol Goa cutlery on the table of the renowned Roca brothers restaurant, “El Celler de Can Roca”, modern and refined, and also accompanying the most risky elaborations in the case of David Muñoz in DiverXo.

cutipol goa

We are dealing with special cutlery, manufactured by a Portuguese company founded in 1964 that, with its good work, has become, today, a true icon of elegance and good taste in a country like Japan.

And it is not surprising since its avant-garde finish is both classic and delicate. On the one hand, the Japanese country knows how to appreciate the meticulous process of creating these wonderful pieces, and on the other, its pure lines, its ergonomics…. and its magic.

cuberteria cutipol

Elegance and simplicity

We can find these designer cutlery in different materials: 18/10 stainless steel, chrome-nickel and silver or gold steel.

Due to their special composition, Cutipol Goa cutlery, designed by José Joaquim Ribeiro, also stands out for its resistance, durability and shine. The above, together with their elegance and simplicity line, makes them a good long-term investment.

Cuberteria cutipol 2

Cutipol in the restaurant.

Not only tri-star restaurants display these special cutlery. " Arbore da Veira" in Coruña and Abastos 2.0 in Santiago, share a taste for the exquisite even though they are restaurants with a totally different model.

  • Base cutlery.

Some choose to use Cutipol's Goa collection as a resource to be present in all dishes and preparations, in their various shapes and colors. The dessert cutlery, larger than usual, are also suitable for "snacks" or appetizers. The spoons can also be used for very different uses.

cuberteria cutipol marron

  • A touch of class.

In the same way that a restaurant presents different types of original dishes and tableware depending on the elaboration that goes to the table, or to bring dynamism and rhythm to the pass ... it is a perfect idea to get a specific piece of Cutipol for a determined use.

We can think of the bread knife, the patés or the butter. The spoon in its different sizes is ideal for presenting salmon or sturgeon roe, for sauce or creams.

The different finishes and colors allow, in the case of choosing to dress each plate in a different way, that these design cutlery appear at different times, adopting different roles.

cuberteria cutipol 3

Cutipol at home.

Lovers of unique tableware, designer plates and special cutlery to receive at home, will find Cutipol the perfect ally to surprise guests.

cuberteria cutipol acero

Again there is room for a complete use or the use of only some part. Due to their minimalist and modern style, the Moon Mate or Goa Brown forks are the perfect allies of a bowl. But they can also look ideal placed on a buffet-style table, or in an elegant aperitif.

Goa White Gold teaspoons , so versatile, will triumph in the dessert or in the typical cup preparations.

Servers provide great personality to any emplatado a source.

The combinations are endless!

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