Marble Collection by Bone and White

Marble Collection by Bone and White

We welcome Christmas with the most eagerly awaited novelty, the launch of Marble Collection. A tableware collection designed with great care by the Bone and White team and made of high quality porcelain in Portugal

The inspiration for the Marble collection comes from the search for a material that would bring together the main characteristics of our essenceThe color white of the porcelain, durability y hardness of a great material and the distinguished ability to fit into all environments.

plato llano diseño mármol y plato de postre bone and white

That's how we decided to make it the marble the inspirational material for the design of this collection. Within the marble, we were very clear that white marble would be the chosen colour, but within the whites there is an infinite variety and for us it was very important that the finish had a very special characteristic

We wanted soft tones and delicate streaks, capable of being the protagonists of a table when the moment requires it and at the same time, beautify the plate when the food is the main element.

The bianco venato variety, it is. White on the vast majority of its surface, but with very soft grey streaks capable of giving a perfect balance to its texture.

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