7 Original ideas for plating

7 Original ideas for plating

These are times when creativity in the kitchen is something that the customer not only appreciates but also expects, and depending on the type of premises even demands

These 7 original ideas for dishes will help and inspire you, and in some cases, make the same dish look completely different and therefore have a double use.

1. The dish upside down.

Quique Dacosta on the Tomorrowland Menu presented his pigeon breast with malt roots by placing it right on the back of a black bowl. Not just any dish is suitable for this type of dish and some are really surprising. For this demonstration, we have used this design plate from the Sea Creatures collection. Of course, an original dish like this can give us a lot of play and has an infinite number of possible uses.

bowl erizo sea creatures costa nova

2. Gift-wrapped.

The same chef didn't hesitate to wrap one of the fetishes of his kitchen "the red shrimp of Denia" as a gift. This idea is perfectly exportable and applicable to dishes in which the protagonist is a single ingredient, without sauces that can or much element that can create difficulties for the diner. Heading this post, in the imageThe Sea and Sand Collection, a small flat dish/dessert containing truffled pecorino cheese and Pedroso nuts.

emplatar vajilla sorpresa

3Dish out.

And if we are talking about wrapping... surprising and very effective the resource we found in Mugaritz when we discovered the cheeses wrapped in a cloth evoking sensations of home made, artisan, natural.... In some restaurants we have seen the foie made in the house presenting inside a gauze in allusion to the most traditional method of its elaboration.

emplatar sin plato

4. Plating with a diorama.

The Roca brothers have been really original by presenting one of their appetizers in a diorama. It first appeared on your 2015 menu. A fold-out cardboard in which the three of them appear in what appears to be their parents' bar, offering an updated and avant-garde version of the appetizers that were served there. Really an original idea for plating. We can see how the Cutipol Goa spoon in white colour is totally integrated in the plate forming part of the dish. A real work of art!

emplatado original diorama

5. Cardboard plating.

He also made use of cardboard, this time without even a support as in the previous case Andoni Luiz Aduriz in his provocative dish "bovis máxima: Vive la France"; a homage to veal that he prints on a kind of edible business card filled with a cream with an intense meaty flavour. Aduriz always exhibits really original and disruptive plating

emplatados creativos

6. Mimetic tiling.

It is really attractive and elegant to use modern tableware shaped like shells of molluscs such as clams, oysters or mussels to contain related preparations containing these ingredients. Sea Creatures dinnerware dishes in different sizes are ideal for this effect.

fuente mejillon costa nova sea creatures

7. Embracing temptation

The forbidden, the unattainable and the difficult to achieve are even more tempting than what is within one's reach. Aware of that, in Arzak we find this way of presenting the desserts: some stuffed chocolates that you can see but it seems that you can't touch them when they appear inside a cage

This game can be achieved in other ways; simply by placing an inverted transparent bowl on a nice plate so that it can be seen without being touched initially. Insinuating through the bars, the glass... it's an original idea to plate

vajilla restaurante arzak

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