Bowls for serving ice cream

Bowls for serving ice cream

Ice cream bowls are a must in summer. If we have guests for lunch or dinner at home, the simplest thing is to resort to a quick and fresh dessert such as seasonal fruits or homemade or prepared ice cream.

The old glasses for ice creams are boring and now the trend of the bowl, which sweeps salads, soups, colorful breakfasts or Asian food and of course to serve ice cream. Go thinking which one best suits your style. We leave you these ideas:

bol melon bordallo

1.- Fruit-addiction . The Melon model from Bone and White is perfect for lovers of fruit ice creams such as mandarin, lemon, banana or any fun mix of any of them. Its design that imitates the famous Cantaloup melon, with a spherical shape and rough green skin, is ideal to take to an outdoor table. The small spoon, Cutipol Goal Gold, gives you the elegant and sophisticated point.

2.- Chocolate and strawberries . The bowl from the Natural Brown collection that you can see at the beginning of the post, is perfect for chocolate ice creams or for those with berries due to its rustic and natural air. Its raised edges make it very comfortable and functional. A design with great personality and excellent quality, made in England.

bol sandy bone and white

3.- For the most gluttonous . The Sandy collection has a large bowl that can be very useful to combine several scoops of ice cream, or when you want to generously incorporate waffle, fruit, or cookie. It is also the ideal bowl to serve a dessert topped with a scoop of ice cream, or the classic biscuit or frozen cake. The set of 4 bowls from the Blue Lights collection is another similar option due to its capacity and design, this time in shades of blue.

bol monkeys bone and white

4.- For the little ones . It is good for children to get used to eating from "grown-up" tableware, quality tableware, but adapted to their tastes, cheerful and fun. We love the Monkeys bowls from Bone and White in hand-painted porcelain. Cute little monkeys and leaves of jungle vegetation to contain the classic yogurt or vanilla ice cream.

boles bancos costa nova y pillivuyt

5.- All terrain . The white bowl is a sure hit, whether in a more classic design such as Blue Edge, with its subtle blue border reminiscent of old-fashioned tableware, or more current such as Teak , with its original organic shape and pleasant texture formed by converging circles. .

Both are options that with their elegance and beauty will make that moment of tasting ice cream at home an even greater pleasure, whatever the flavor.

Bowls to serve ice cream ... do not miss this summer!

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