Dishes for bread, yes or no?

Dishes for bread, yes or no?

The question is: Bread plate yes or no ?. The truth is that formalities and etiquette in a lunch or dinner have lost prominence and presence at the tables of the 21st century, but everyone knows that the origin of many of the good customs and certain norms is in a functional reason or practice.

A table arrives here and there with breadcrumbs, it is neither pretty nor pleasant. For this simple reason, a small plate, always on the left, to have our piece of bread and to be able to break it so that the crumbs remain inside, is the most orderly and the best.

The traditional bread dishes have always been classic and sometimes difficult to combine with modern and contemporary tableware. However, now we can find fun bread plates, with current shapes, of different designs and that adapt perfectly to different tables and different decorations.

There have also been those who, with a good dose of imagination, have been using the small plates of some modern coffee sets, as bread saucers. And it is that what characterizes this piece on the table is basically its small size and that it can perform that function.

We propose four different styles of dishes for bread and here are other ideas that will surprise you:

1.- Romantics .

plato de pan crystal costa nova

The Bone and White Crystal collection crockery bread plate adds a romantic touch to any table and its gray tone is very easy to combine. Inspired by the geometric shapes of classic glassware, Crystal is a precious collection of Portuguese tableware

2.- Sophisticated .

plato de pan carrara vista alegre

Inspired by the look of Italian Tuscan marble, the Carrara collection has a beautiful bread plate with a delicate edge painted in gold. It is perfect for tables designed for a celebration or when you want to dress them with a certain air of sophistication.

3.- Nordic and natural .

plato de pan harvest natural dudson

The off-white and tan tones of the plates in the Natural Brown collection are well suited to coordinate with a style that can range from Nordic to rural. The "organic" version, natural and handmade, stands out for its edge and irregular shapes and for its textures in the central part of each piece.

4.- Exotics .

The Riviera collection, which you can see in its blue version at the beginning of this post, includes a bread plate ideal for exotic tables and compatible with very current decoration styles from industrial, to ethnic or even minimal. A piece that does not go unnoticed and that can be given multiple uses: to serve appetizers or snacks or simply to decorate on a low table.

This versatility that a plate of bread can adopt puts us on the track and encourages us to do the opposite with other containers such as bowls or plates for appetizers, what do you think of these?

5.- The mussel platter .

fuente aparte mejillón

It belongs to the Sea Creatures collection by Bone a White, in off-white, inspired by the sea. Its smaller size is used to serve some olives or cockles in the same way that it is perfect to contain some strips of focaccia or a slice of bread.

6.- A round bowl .

bol aparte costa nova

The bowls that we use to serve potato chips, or to contain a sauce, can be used perfectly as a bread plate placed to the left of a service. What do you think of the model from the Blue Edge collection to serve some breadsticks and a slice or toast? Or maybe you prefer the Sea Creatures mini bowl with stand ?

bol ramekin beja costa nova

7.- A square bowl .

bol ramekin nova white costa nova

Nothing prevents us from going even more out of the norm and placing a square bowl to contain the bread. We like this model, Nova White, which fits for its classic style but at the same time current with practically any type of table.

For all the possibilities that we have shown you and the style that prints any table, before the question with which we began this post of ... Plate for the plan yes or no? Our answer is definitely Yes to the bread plate.

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