Outdoor tableware ideal for picnics

Outdoor tableware ideal for picnics

There are ideal outdoor tableware for picnics that are not plastic or recyclable, but they are ecological and do not leave a trace or cause damage to nature ... because we take them back home. Yes, we are talking about the dishes you have in your closet or your cupboard.

In a time when everything from before seems to come back, when we have the feeling of having returned to the past, to the seventies or sixties, with the summers in town, or the field trips…. the classic picnic is back.

Do you remember those ideal picnic baskets where there were no missing plates and cutlery of the real ones? It's easy to find them online, or make them yourself. In the end… we have also returned to crafts a bit, haven't we?

Actually, any basket with handles can help us by protecting the dishes, cutlery, and glasses well. In basketry, DIY stores, or order at home, it will be easy to find something suitable to carry our excursion dishes. For this, the usual cloths or thick cloth napkins in which we can wrap the dishes will help us. If we go as a family we can carry things in two small baskets.

And good…

How to choose our utensils for a picnic?

1.- The dishes.

Better to opt for dessert plates, they are enough to serve the classic things that are taken on a picnic such as pieces of omelette, empanada, or small portions. Discard the flat… larger plates.

A couple of bowls can be useful to serve some fruit as a dessert that we will take cut and in zip bags.

Think of sturdy plates; the Natural Brown model is and also its design is ideal for a day in the field.

Bowl Natural Brown Dudson

I also don't like the white Teak tableware you see above. Its shapes, inspired by the cross section of the teak tree, make it very suitable to put on a tablecloth in the field.

2.- The cutlery.

The feeling of eating with real cutlery has nothing to do with doing it otherwise. We love Nature cutlery for their warmth and how well they fit into a natural setting with their dark wood colored handle. They are ideal to take on a picnic and one of our favorites also to enjoy at home, in those family meals, in the kitchen.

3.- The glasses.

To complete our picnic basket we have thought of the Pikes Amber glasses. For its characteristics; their size, their consistency and the ease of stacking them, they are perfect for transporting from one place to another. Its color and design will fit perfectly with the crockery and cutlery from our previous proposals, and as with the Nature cutlery ... you will make them sparkle at home. For the coffee… ..fantastic!

vaso Pikes Ambar

When it comes time to go home, it's time to pick up our dishes. Bring large zip bags to introduce the pieces; on the one hand the glasses, on the other the small plates, and finally the cutlery that you can then roll up on themselves ... It is a simple, clean and easy system.

Once in the bags, hermetically closed, rewrap your ideal outdoor tableware for picnics that are not plastic or recyclable, in cloths to protect them. When you get home…. don't forget to put everything in the dishwasher and voila!

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