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Coffee and Tea - Barro

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    The Barro collection is our most natural and inspired by the clay origins of ceramics. Its organic design reminds us of the handmade process of ceramics, where we sink our hands into the clay and model it to create unique pieces. The rough terracotta edges combined with white centres that have a matt finish make the pieces in this Nordic style tableware collection original and modern.

    Collection pieces:

    • Expresso cup.  D. 6,5 cm, H. 6,6 cm, 0,15 l.
    • Mug.  D. 8,8 cm, H. 8,7 cm, 0,3 l.
    • Milk Jug.  D. 8,7 cm, H. 6,6 cm, 0,15 l.
    • Expresso cup - set of 6.
    • Mug - set of 6.
    • Milk jug.

    Origin and product care:

    • Premium tableware made in Germany.
    • Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.


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