Nordic and handmade dishes

Nordic and handmade dishes

The Nordic and handmade dishes that began to be seen in our country some time ago do not stop adding points. It is a fact that they are gaining prominence as perfect companions of those who opt for healthier eating, who care about adopting responsible consumption habits, which actively promote organic and recyclable.

It seems clear that simple, smooth forms, without superfluous ornaments, fit perfectly with a philosophy of life in harmony with nature, with respect for the environment and ecological awareness.

The slow, the eco and the healthy is good and…. it's fashion!

The Barro Nordic tableware collection by Bone and White has all the ingredients to be part of the “wishlist” of a new generation that takes care of itself and wants to take care of its surroundings… its world. The world of today and tomorrow.

bone and white Nordic dinnerware Barro gathers the necessary ingredients, modeled by hand, to succeed among the foodies of the 21st century: the bowl, the cup of tea and a generous flat plate to draw shapes with carrots, blimis and kale chips.

The Barr bowl is perfect for serving hummus and guacamole or for breakfast with oatmeal, muesli and spirulina.

Nordic style tableware bowl

The shape and design of your bowl is a declaration of intent. Far from being provided to accommodate a heavy stew or a first dish full of excesses, its lines fit perfectly with salads or creams, topped with garlands of seeds and cereals absolutely Pinterest.

original deep plate bone and white dinnerware

Its versatility and its shapes make it suitable even to serve a hamburger, with quality seal and in artisan bread, of course, even baked at home.

In 2020, Nordic and artisan style dishes take the cake. That's why in Bone and White we have opted for Barro. A collection that recalls the manual and handmade process of ceramics. A tableware that consists of unique pieces in broken white and matt finish, with a rough terracotta edge that gives personality and character.

Easy to combine and easy to store because of its flat and smooth shape. Or "do not save" ... because the beauty of its lines invites to leave one or two pieces in sight, with fruit, nuts, or simply as is.

modern and original small mini bowls

And you? Do you also bet on Nordic and handmade dishes?

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