7 tips for setting a romantic table

7 tips for setting a romantic table

Today we will share 7 tips for setting romantic table. There are many occasions throughout the year when it can be interesting to have resources to show off with the couple; a birthday, an anniversary, a celebration for some professional success or a statement in the most classic style.

If it is true that one "is conquered by the stomach" is no less than a charming table, an ideal table set with love and care, it is the best start for a wonderful evening.

1.- To set a romantic table, start by choosing an elegant tableware , in white, gray, cream or pastel tones, such as the pieces of Sea and Sand by Bone and White. Keep the best white and long, if it reaches the ideal ground.

2.- Don't forget some flowers ; A small bouquet in a wide glass. It is a table for two, a large center is not necessary, nor a tall vase. You have to avoid visual obstacles and allow yourself to see each other. Look for seasonal flower, or wild flower; A corsage you have picked up on a walk can be perfect. Eucalyptus, paniculata, or wax flower always work well.

romantic table for dinner as a couple

nice table for dinner as a couple

3.- The drink is important . The champagne or champagne is not essential, in exchange think of a good wine, do not risk and let yourself be advised in a specialized store. Present it in a good, transparent and fine glass cup. Do not forget a beautiful water jug and colored glasses that coordinate with the dishes in shades. The Smoke Gray seem like a perfect option for their elegance and because they combine with everything.

4.- Candles, yes, but be careful! . Choose low candles again, or candle cavos in a light glass holder. It is important that they are not scented candles because they can interfere with the flavors of food and the aroma of wine.

If you are excited to place a candlestick you will have to change the flowers for a low garland, where the green leaf predominates over the flower, so that the set is elegant and not recharged.

5.- Cutipol cutlery is a success. You can buy them in boxes of a service and there are different models for you to select the one that best fits with the rest of the elements of your table and the tones of the room. It will be enough with two to set a romantic table with the touch of exclusivity and the halo of elegance that this house has.

original glasses costa nova

modern cutlery for romantic table

6.- Kitchen . You can order the food, but something done for you must be present at the table. Think about your fort; Desserts, good baked fish? Surprise your partner with your specialty.

7.- Music yes . The music helps to fill silences, creates atmosphere, envelops the table and is part of the memory of an unforgettable dinner. Don't forget to make a good selection of your favorite songs and ... of theirs. Eye with the volume; The priority is your conversation, music should always be in the background.

Putting a romantic table is to start enjoying before it starts, it is an art and at the same time something simple if you follow these 7 keys.

original dinnerware

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