Eating in front of the computer ... the bowl

Eating in front of the computer ... the bowl

Eating in front of the computer, whether at home or at the office, is becoming a habit for many of us. Well because we work from home and want to concentrate more time, or because we brought a tupperware to our office, bo l seems the perfect partner for this type of food.

A meal that is usually a single and complete dish, such as the well-known poke bowls or the buddhabowl, very much in line with the healthy trend of recent times.

The advantages of having bowls among our tableware is that we are going to get a lot out of them since we are going to be able to use them also for breakfast, afternoon tea and also dinner.

Why is the bowl the perfect piece to eat in front of the computer?

  • It is easier to contain food without spilling and without staining.
  • When eating while doing another activity on the computer, we look for the single dish for a convenience. The bowl is suitable for almost any type of preparation or food.
  • Its size is not excessively large and it does not take up as much space as for example a flat plate; being normally more collected and tall.
  • It is easier to hold and more comfortable considering that we are not sitting at the table.
  • Eating using a single piece of dinnerware makes it much easier and packs up faster.
  • There are hundreds of easy and healthy ideas on Instagram to prepare a delicious meal in a bowl.

The "bowl" fashion and healthy food.

In the famous social network Instagram there are more than 3.5 million images tagged with the hashtag #bowl.

In this bowl trend, which is sweeping, three key points converge:

  • Various ingredients are mixed (all of them healthy).
  • The variety of textures and colors that make it more attractive is important.
  • The continent is a bowl, not a plate.

5 ideas to eat in a bowl

Smoothie bolws : These are bowls filled with fruits, nuts, milk or yogurt, seeds and whole grains. Ideal as a snack.

Budha bowls : In these bowls different ingredients of vegetable origin are combined in a way that is attractive to the eye, with different textures and a lot of color. The idea is that it is also a complete dish that does not need to be completed with anything else to make a nutritious meal.

Poke bowls : The "Poke" (cut into pieces), a traditional Hawaiian dish eaten in a bowl. It is a kind of salad with marinated raw fish; tuna, salmon and even octopus that is accompanied by seaweed and avocado and is served on a rice base.

Acaí bowl : The idea is to compose a colorful, healthy and very nutritious breakfast from the pulp or juice of a fruit called “acaí” that is available in Bio stores. This fruit has the shape and color of blueberries and is considered a super food for its great properties. It is mixed with almond milk until obtaining a texture similar to that of an ice cream and with granola and frozen fruits.

Green bowls: The bowl invites you to compose fantastic green salads, with ingredients such as avocado, spinach and the famous kale.

How to choose a bowl?

1.-Think about the use that you are going to give it and start by deciding the size you need. You have them big like the Pearl by Bone and White perfect for a complete dish, or smaller like the Natural Brown which will be more appropriate for fruit with yogurt, nuts, or a snack.

2.- Design matters. What colors do you have in your work area? It is classic, or more current and minimalist. In the first case, the Heritage bowl is the perfect one, and as a counterpoint you have options such as the Blue Lights collection , very fresh and young.

3.- If you think you are also going to use them for aperitifs, which are increasingly common at home, look for attractive designs with shapes, textures, drawings, or designs to make your guests enjoy.

4.- Be creative when looking for your ideal bowl and do not hesitate to take a look at some salad bowls that, due to their size, can perfectly function as a bowl, such as the one from Sea Creatures or those from Nenúfar on our website.

Eating in front of the computer and doing it in a bowl has become part, and even more so with the pandemic and teleworking, of our new lifestyle.

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