The perfect gift for a friend: glasses and bowls

The perfect gift for a friend: glasses and bowls

The perfect gift for a friend can be something as everyday as glasses or bowls. Have you ever stopped to think about it? There are precious collections, with great personality, that will always awaken a smile when discovering them among tissue papers and bubbles.

Although they are ideal for any occasion, if what we want is to have a detail when visiting a house, something to complete it is certainly the most appropriate.


A set of special glasses is always a nice gift. Something that is always exciting and never hurts. Glasses for friends' dinners or to feel better at breakfast or coffee time. Because surrounding yourself with beautiful things puts us in a good mood.

vaso punk
  • Transparent glasses.

The least risky option does not have to be less original. Look at the punk glasses, don't they seem ideal for serving gin and tonics, or some soft drinks?

The Textures collection doesn't need color to grab everyone's attention. Its geometric designs give it character and make it one of your most desired models.

vasos pikes colores
  • Colored glasses.

You know better than anyone the person to whom you are going to gift, if the colored glasses fit in his kitchen or in his living room. In this case you have two options:

1. Multicolored glass sets like Romantic. Ideal for summer and outside, for a festive table, or to put a charming touch on a tablecloth with plain white dinnerware.

2.- Glasses of the same color. We love amber and we especially like the Pikes model. A very modern and versatile model that can be used alone, for an infusion, a coffee, or accompanied on a table with a retro and modern touch.

bol pearl Dudson


Because a bowl can be much more than a bowl. There are collections like Sandy that, with its finish that recalls the texture of sand and the set of micro rocks and small minerals that make it up, will be ideal on a low table accompanying books and candles or as a couple in a hall.

We like versatile crockery pieces that can be used for eating as well as decorative elements; completing a corner or giving containing some scent candles.

Because the bowl is gaining ground on the deep plate and is becoming an easier and more practical option, something much easier to take something to eat on the couch or on the computer. The Pearl is a great size for serving salads, soups or legumes. Stacked on a shelf it gives a fresh and young air to any dining room or living room, whatever its style, this design brings a touch of light and freshness.

Don't hesitate… .. if you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend: Glasses and bowls.

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