The color of the dishes, much more than fashion!

The color of the dishes, much more than fashion!

The color of the dishes we choose to dress the table is another sign of our tastes, our preferences and our style. There are those who prefer to opt for neutral, white or cream tones looking for the timeless, the classic and the easiest to combine with the textiles that accompany it.

In the same way that happens with clothes and accessories, we have a certain inclination towards some colors and certain qualms with others, or less fondness for others.

When we put a table with love and care, seeking to please our guests and we do it taking care of all the details. It is about thinking not only about the flavors of our dinner but also about other aspects such as decoration, music, aromas and smells and also, of course, colors….

Do you know what feelings the different tones give us? Have you taken it into account when choosing your tableware?

pillivuyt vajilla teck

The blue.

It is the color of the sky and the sea; transmits calm, peace, distance, freedom and tranquility, sensations that Pikes tableware from Pillivuyt gives us. Ideal for beach or summer houses. Although it is a cold color, in combination with other colors it can produce other effects, even the opposite effect. For example combined with yellow it is stimulating and very striking.

The green.

Green is a color that evokes nature; conveys a feeling of relaxation, balance and confidence. It also suggests freshness. A perfect color for tables in a garden, in spring or in country houses.

The Red.

The color red is an exciting, vivid color with great power. That power makes it a risky color but also very effective in the case of a tableware. A color that we can therefore associate with a celebration, or also in the line of bricks, ceramics etc ... a good option for a country house or in nature. Red is small doses, in motifs, such as the fish tableware tents, it is an ideal and very attractive option.

The black.

The color black is associated with the unknown, the dark ... but at the same time it transmits seriousness and at the same time formality, elegance, prestige and power. With red it is a color with great strength and great visual impact. Associated with gold and with white it is representative of luxury.

vajilla Dudson

Gold and silver .

If gold represents luxury, in excess it can also symbolize arrogance, which is a color that must be used sparingly. It is related to beauty and goodness and if we had to put a gender on it, it would be masculine.

Silver tones are attributed a feminine air, and convey a sense of intellectuality and melancholy.

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