5 ideas for placing candles on the table

5 ideas for placing candles on the table

Today we bring you 5 ideas to place candles on the table, and that is that with the arrival of summer, dinners outdoors, on the terrace, in the garden become magical with endless evenings by candlelight.

When placing them, several aspects must be taken into account. One is the decorative; try to make the whole look aesthetic, that the material chosen as support; glass, ceramic, iron ... fit the style of decoration of our space. Another is the practical aspect; we must think about the space that we will need to place trays or plates in the center.

5 ideas for placing candles on the table:

1.- In small supports or large candles.

The classic thing is to get hold of small candle holders, there are many models, and arrange them in a row running through the center of the table from one side to the other. If they are small and low, the main advantage is that it will not interfere with the vision of the diner in front and we will have more flexibility to reposition them if we need space to place dishes or trays.

The other usual option is to choose a pair of large candles, or candle holders, and place them as a pair. In this case it can be an obstacle to see each other, although they look a lot and allow to have the gap between them to place floral decoration or a plate to share.

2.- In glasses.

As an alternative to small candle containers, we have the option of using designer glasses, with textures or reliefs that cast attractive shadows on the tablecloth or table. We can place three in a row in the center, five in a row if the table is larger ... The options are many. Having special glasses at home allows us, in addition to enjoying them, to have these original resources. Both the Baroque model in green from Bone and White, and the Romantic collection in different colors are perfect options. In transparent glass, Textures will look great because of the different reflections it is going to project.

vaso ser lapo para velas

3.- In bread dishes.

The small plates that we use for bread or for small bites or tapas are an original idea as a candle holder. Riviera Blue or Green seems ideal for us due to its irregular shape, its design and its color; you can see it at the beginning of this post. A completely different but also ideal style is the small plate from the Natural Brown collection ; perfect to give a country air to a table due to its design and tones.

platos para velas

plato natural brown bone and white

4.- A round and flat support in the center of the table.

Some of your usual dishes can make the candle support paper for you without having to buy anything special for the occasion. We think of the flat plate from the Barro collection in light tones and Nordic air, the Granite plate in gray and white tones, or the elegant and very cool Smoke black model to place a set of candle lines.

If your table is large you can make a set of two and put one on one side and the other on the other side as you would with some candle holders.

vajilla barro bone and white

plato negro smoke black

5.- Candles floating in the water

An option that is also very pleasant is to place the candles (flat and rounded) floating like water lilies on the water in a container. You will find them in glass in different sizes and shapes. But if you have a plate with high edges and it is flat, you can use it perfectly to achieve the same effect. Ocean by Bone and White or Blue Lights, both in blue tones are a good solution.

vajilla ocean bone and white

Tip: If by chance you need to remove dry remains of wax in any of the containers that we have suggested, add boiling water and you will see how it comes loose easily without having to make any effort.

We hope that some of these 5 ideas for placing candles on the table will inspire you for your summer dinners.

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