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Natural Brown Collection

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Natural Brown is a collection of fine vitrified English stoneware inspired by the British countryside. Its irregular hand-painted brown edging represents the gastronomic culture of the Cotswolds. A place where merchants and financiers came from the capital every weekend to rest and enjoy the region's exceptional cuisine. An original collection for everyday use.

Collection pieces:

  • Regular dinner plate 26 cm.
  • Regular dessert plate 21.7 cm.
  • Regular wide bowl  18.2 cm.
  • Organic dinner plate 27 cm.
  • Organic  dessert plate 23 cm.
  • Organic bread plate 14.3 cm.
  • Organic deep / pasta plate 24.1 cm.
  • Organic Bowl 17.4 cm.

The 12 piece set includes: 4 dinner plate | 4 salad/dessert plates | 4 bowls

Origin and product care:

  • Made in England using an artisan production process dating back to 1800. Despite having a modern design, it retains the unique features of the handmade processes used in its manufacture. This is especially noticeable on the underside of each piece.
  • Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. 
  • High durability and resistance. Suitable for intensive use in hospitality.