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Constellation Collection

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A constellation is a grouping of stars whose position in the night sky is apparently fixed. United by imaginary lines, they form identifiable figures. However, in the vastness of space, the stars in a constellation are not necessarily next to each other. In fact, they are sometimes hundreds of light-years from each other. Constellation is a collection of plates inspired by the myriad of colours in our night sky. Original and daring, it's one of our truly special dinner sets.

Collection items:

  • Dinner plate Ø26 cm.
  • Salad/dessert plate Ø21 cm.
  • Bread/butter plate Ø17 cm.
  • Bowl 17cm.

The 12 piece set includes: 4 dinner plates | 4 salad/dessert plates | 4 bowls

Origin and product care:

  • Handmade in England by artisan potters since 1800.
  • Material: High strength vitrified fine stoneware.
  • The entire collection is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.