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Constellation Collection

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A constellation is a grouping of stars whose position in the night sky is apparently invariable, in fact united by imaginary lines, they form perfectly identifiable figures. In the vastness of space, on the other hand, the stars of a constellation are not necessarily locally associated; and can be found hundreds of light years from each other. Constellation is a collection of dishes inspired by the variety of colors in our night sky. Original and daring, it is one of our most special proposals.

Collection items:

  • Dinner plate Ø26 cm.
  • Salad/dessert plate Ø21 cm.
  • Bread/butter plate Ø17 cm.
  • Bowl 17cm.

The 12 piece set includes: 4 dinner plates | 4 salad/dessert plates | 4 bowls

Origin and product care:

  • Handmade in England by artisan potters since 1800.
  • Material: High strength vitrified fine stoneware.
  • The entire collection is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.