Riviera Blue

  • Descripción

    Clanque d'en-vau is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the French Riviera and possibly even the entire French coast. The colours of the sea combine with the beach's white sand and rock to create some truly amazing colours. The Riviera Blue collection is inspired by this region of France and the turquoises, blues and greens that come together to create these beautiful combinations of colours.

    The entire collection has a matt black finish on the underside of each plate. This finish provides an elegant touch to your dinner table. Combine it with the Riviera Green collection to create a truly original look.

    Collection items:

    • Dinner plate 27.1 cm. 
    • Salad/dessert plate 21 cm. 
    • Pasta plate 25.5 cm. 
    • Bread/butter 15.4 cm. 
    • Salad bowl D24.2 H10.4 cm I 3.1 L.
    • Extra large ovar platter 39.9 x 29 cm. 

    The 12 piece dinner set includes: 4 dinner plates I 4 salad/dessert plates I 4 pasta plates 25.5 cm . 

  • Origin and product care guide
    • Manufactured in the north coast of Portugal by Costa Nova.
    • Material: Fine Stoneware.
    • The entire collection is suitable for use with ovens, microwaves, freezers and dishwashers. 


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