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Marble Collection

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Marble collection has its origin in the search for a material that unites the main characteristics of our essence: the white color of porcelain, durability and hardness of a great material, and the distinguished ability to fit in all environments.

Marble as an inspiring material for the design and the bianco venato variety as a definition of the finish. The soft tones and delicate veins, are able to be protagonists of a table when the moment requires it and at the same time, beautify the place when the food is the main element.

Available pieces:

  • Dinner plate 27 cm.
  • Dessert plate 21cm.
  • Deep/pasta plate 21 cm.

The 12 piece set includes: 4 dinner I 4 dessert I 4 pasta

Origin and product care:

  • Fine porcelain made in Portugal.
  • Exclusive design by Bone and White.
  • Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe
  • Designed for intensive use in hospitality, as it has a unique design that evenly spreads the heat in all the plate surface.