Mosaic Forest Green

  • Descripción

    Mosaic Forest green is a more colorful variant of our original Mosaic Collection which takes its inspiration from the artistic style of the same name. The Romans considered mosaic art so exquisite that they thought only the muses, or those favoured by them, could create it. The reflection of the glaze combined with the grey colours gives each plate a unique look.

    Collection pieces:

    • Dinner plate 26.7 cm.
    • Dessert plate 22.6 cm.
    • Bowl 18.2 cm.

    12 pieces dinnerware set: 4 dinner plates I 4 dessert plates I 4 bowls

  • Origin and product care guide
    • Made in England using an artisan production process dating back to 1800. Despite having a modern design, it retains the unique features of the handmade processes used in its manufacture. This is especially noticeable on the underside of each piece.
    • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
    • High durability andresistance. Suitable for intensive use in hospitality.


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