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    Modern coffee set designed on the basis of an octagon, OCT presents clean and original lines. Arrival from Japan is a collection of coffee for daydreaming.

    Available parts:
    • Coffee / espresso cup 80 ml + plate; [cup] φ7 x H4 + [plate] φ13 x H1.
    • Coffee / tea cup + plate 220 ml + plate; [cup] φ9 x H5.5 [plate] φ15.5 x H1.5.
    • Mug 300 ml.
    • Pitcher / creamer 400 ml; φ8.5 x H8.5.
    Origin and quality guarantee:
    • Made by KINTO Japan.
    • Material: porcelain.
    • Suitable for microwave and dishwasher.
    • Do not overheat in the microwave or heat without water. Wash with care. Do not use abrasive cleaners or steel wool. The size and shape of the product varies for each item due to the manufacturing process. The appearance of uneven enamel color varies from item to item. Some products may have an abrasive texture on the surface. It's a unique glaze effect called "yo-hen", an unintended color transformation that shows up on ceramic and porcelain after firing.


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