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Cutipol Goa Black Cutlery Set - 24 Piece -

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  • Descripción

    Give your table settings a sophisticated touch with this award-winning cutlery set design. Handmade in Portugal by Cutipol.

    ***In production, new stock at the end of October, reservations available now***

  • Details
    The 24 piece set includes: 6 Table knifes | 6 Table forks | 6 Tablespoons | 6 Teaspoons
  • Origin and product care guide
    • Handmade in Portugal by Cutipol.
    • Dishwasher safe, it is highly recommended to dry the pieces after washing to keep the color of the handle intact.
    • knife blade
      Be very careful with knife blades. Steel, which provides greater cutting power and hardness, may have less resistance to oxidation. Be sure to wash knives immediately after use and dry them well before storing them in a dry place.

      resin handle
      To make dark mangoes last longer and maintain a good color, we suggest applying a moisturizing lotion or a few drops of vegetable oil.

      Due to the percentage of carbon in all the knife blades, it is advisable not to use aggressive detergents or citrus, chlorinated or anti-limescale, as they can stain or rust.


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