A special table: The Christmas table

A special table: The Christmas table

If there is a special table, a table that we put with particular enthusiasm and care, it is the Christmas table and the Christmas Eve table. In short, that of that annual celebration that unites us to ours. That date that makes us meet despite the distances many times, and also over the small differences that somehow may separate us.

There is no doubt that crockery, glassware and textiles are more important than ever on this occasion. If you have little experience or want to give your way of doing things a twist, we are going to give you the keys to setting a special table thinking about the details and tips that will make you succeed.

In the same way that the decoration of our house can be more or less classic, ornate, or lighter, modern or Nordic, the table must be a reflection of our identity and based on that style we will select:

The matelery.

- Light or ecru tablecloths are a wild card. Do not rule out using a large cotton or thread sheet. This can be an idea to dress the table down to the floor, then placing a tablecloth on it. You can also get carried away by the spirit of Christmas and opt for an elegant red color.

-The size of the tablecloth . Sometimes it is difficult to find large sizes for a table to which we may have incorporated some extension. Buy a piece of fabric and cut it to size, that also allows you to choose the pattern or color. Another idea is to find a duvet cover that we like and without fear place it as a tablecloth; there are very large ones.

- The perfect tablecloth. Iron the tablecloth, if it is impeccable it will be the perfect frame so that what you place on it looks great.

In the center of the table.

-White flower . Some small low containers with white flower can be very elegant and enough to make your table a special table. Lay out two or three in a row.

-Christmas wreath. The crowns that adorn the doors placed on the table embracing a set of candles of different sizes is a simple and perfect option to adapt to Nordic and minimalist or more baroque decorations, since we can find them of many types.

-Candelabra . They are a classic and bring warmth and elegance to the table. If we have placed something in the center they can go to each side and if they are important they should go alone. They can be inherited and of great value, or simple and purchased in a decoration store according to our style.

-The space . Just keep in mind the space you will need to present salseras dishes or plates that go to the center.

mesa especial de navidad

The crockery.

The Christmas table is the ideal occasion to take out those special tableware that we like so much and that make us enjoy food in a different way.

-More than one . There is not always a tableware with as many pieces as there are diners, so it is interesting to have two or three dishes, with few services, that allow us to make combinations by alternating people, or even combining shapes and colors in the same position. It is not necessary that all the dishes on the table are the same; the important thing is to get them to harmonize.

- The elegance of simplicity . A plain, light-colored or white tableware can look spectacular if it is quality. Marble or Teak are current and divine. Porcelain is always a safe bet. This option also allows us to put the color in other elements such as the tablecloth or some glasses.

- Accessory tableware. Salad bowls, appetizer bowls, canape trays are important. Try that everything matches well, that there is a common thread that can be the material, the shape, or the color. Place these items so that everyone can easily access them; in pairs for example. Don't forget to put the servers that are accurate too.

-Black and white . Dare with black and white, marble finishes and gold edges. It is the occasion to be more risky with drawings or more special finishes.

mesa elegante Navidad Bone and White

Glassware and cutlery .

-Glass of wine and champagne . To enjoy a good wine or champagne you have to choose smooth and transparent glasses. It is important to be able to appreciate the tones, the nuances and the bubbles! Leave the resource of color for the glasses of water. You can mix different glassware: give life and style to your table!

-Glasses. In the glasses you have the opportunity to color an environment in which light tones predominate. You can also play with it to match the tone of a tableware or tablecloth. Go ahead and present glasses with textures and color, and don't forget a nice jug to serve the water .

vasos y jarra de navidad

-The copper color . A copper-tone cutlery is ideal next to simple white dinnerware. It brings a modern and original touch to any table.

-The Black . Why not? Black is elegant and very trendy. Dare with the Tribeca Black Matte and combine them with almost everything!

- Gold Cutlery . Like Cutipol cutlery ,   in its classic version or its Goa version. We love them for the day to day but they are the icing on the cake on special tables like Christmas.

mesa navidad vajilla carrara vista alegre

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